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Welcome to the MEN'S SHRED Guide!!


I am so excited you have decided to join me in workouts to help reach your goals! I hope you enjoy these workouts as much as I do and they challenge you to be the best version of yourself! If at any point you have questions or have an issue with downloading the programs, please feel free to reach out to me via karliandersonfitness@gmail.com. If you decide you want more help with your goals with customized nutrition and workouts, some accountability and an excess of educational resources, please fill out the 1:1 coaching application HERE and I would be happy to hop on a call with you to chat more about how to get you to your health & fitness goals! I am looking forward to seeing you prioritize yourself & reach your goals!

Men's Shred Guide:

12 week guide: two 6-week guides
5 day split
This guide is made specifically for men who want to lean out. Whether you need to lose weight
or want to cut after a bulk, this guide will work great for you. It focuses on weight lifting to build
muscle, since the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn, while also including some
cardio at the end of some workouts as well as adding a cardio only day in guide 2, which can
even be performed from home.